I’m back from today. I went to many places just to escape this my room. 

This room still looks like shit. 

The maintenance people were supposed to come through and change the filters. I was hoping they did that during my leave. But I came back to find new filters by my door. 

I really don’t want them to come to my room. I want no judgement. I want no noise. I just want to sleep. 






This warms my heart. Shoutout to all the current students and alum of HBCU’s everywhere!

Good for him! Stick with where you will receive a quality education and get the support that you need!


Controversy whatever, he realized he’d have a better college experience and therefore get a better education.



Inspired entirely by and lyrics pulled from this post.


Driver, lower my tuition please.
Driver, lower my tuition please.
I don have enough money for my basic needs.
Working 40+ hours just to pay my rent
Now I don’t even have a single cent
Tuition is high, I gotta pay for books
Oh I’m so broke . I don’t wanna look
I popped open my wallet, no funds to count
My credit declined and my check just bounced
Oh, there daddy, daddy betta bring that TAP
Oh, baby, baby where my FASFA at?
Gon’ take 45 years to pay off all dis debt
And I ain’t even finished college yet
Took all my money… I just want to get a decent credit score, a decent credit score
Took all my money .. I can’t even pay this interest no more, pay this interest no more
This debt gon kill me




(photos by Safa Hamidullah)

I’ve been working hard on these new spring items for weeks now and I’m glad that I get to show off a lil’ sneak peek of my favorite new thing! This is a prototype of the handmade (no two will be alike) jersey tee-shirt dresses I’ll be adding to the store very soon! They will be available for preorder to ship in May.

The fabric is custom made; the print was created from a series of seated masked nude watercolor paintings I did back in 2012. It’s a stretchy soft jersey that drapes nicely without being too clingy. 




In photo: Portraits taken by German photographer Mario Gerth in Angola, Kenya and Ethiopia.

A part-time banker and photojournalist, Gerth has traveled to over 60 countries, extensively taking portraits of various ethnic groups throughout parts of Africa.

In my exposure to the work of Gerth and other Western photographers like him, such as Sam Barker, Joey Lawrence and Eric Lafforgue, I’ve often wondered what motivates these individuals to select these specific groups of people to document. Often times the same ethnic groups seem to be chosen over and over again. More importantly, the relationship between those pictured and those behind the lens more than raises my curiosity. Questions of power, agency, framing and history often swirl in my mind when I come across project such as these, no matter how beautiful they seem. It would be interesting to see a documentary that both revealed and dissected this process and see how these communities are affected by it.

Are these photos birthed out of fascination for the ‘other’, or the preservation of at risk communities?



Hello, I have a friend that is about to graduate from Kentucky State University and has hopes of moving to Atlanta or New York to be employed as a performer.  However, that is a costly move and he is without the funds.  I was hoping you could spread the word.  I know of plenty of tumblr people know what it is like coming out of college and being financially burdened.  Please help lighten the load for him.  Anyone can donate by following the link and every little bit helps. Thank you!